Thank You For Supporting M2L's Mission Work in Lusaka, Zambia

The Lusaka, Zambia mission trip was a success. We managed to touch countless lives - from orphans to drug addicts to families from the the local population. Our team delivered encouragement and shined a bright light that pointed people to the hope of the kingdom of God through Jesus. Our goal was to bring hope to the hopeless and to show love to the unloved. God used our team to do exactly that.

Our team partnered with the local Zambia mission team to help impact lives. The Washington, DC team supported the efforts already underway in Lusaka, Zambia. The local team in Zambia live each day of their lives in the field and face temptation, evil, spiritual warfare, and challenges. I have attempted to capture a portion of my experience in Lusaka via my social medial pages. However, no pictures can quite describe the level of poverty our brothers and sisters are experiencing. Below is an outline of the work our team supported in Lusaka, Zambia made possible by your donations.  In addition to ministering in various impoverished Lusaka, Zambia communities, our mission team traveled to three schools to encourage 220 children and provide music, bookbags and music instruments. Below are the names of the schools we served on the mission.

1. St. Abanoub (grades 1-7)
2. St. Moses (grades 1 to 7)
3. St. Mary (gradees K-4)

Funding for the mission supports the following projects:

1. Maintaining playgrounds for two schools

2. Managing a computer lab in one school

3. Sponsoring more than 30-50 vulnerable children at different schools

4. Helping children master academic excellence and spiritual discipline

5. Providing one meal a day for children at three schools which are currently funded by the Meant 2 Live Foundation and local donors working together

6. Purchasing land for future orphanages and building apartments for sustainable project

7. Providing food for staff members, and logistics for missionaries

8. Purchasing stationary supplies, and paying taxes and utilities

9. Providing teacher transport needs and yearly bonuses

10. Helping to purchase school uniforms

11. Teaching children how to develop gardens in an effort to provide a sustainable food progam

12. Providing music instruments for kids to help them learn music as a way to reduce crime and recidivism

13. Helping to maintain World Central Kitchen Sponsorship to help provide sustainability for schools

14. Providing athletic equipment and curriculum as a way to reduce crime and recidivism

15. Helping fund rehabilitation center costs for promising young adults like Charles Chifwembwe, a vulnerable Zambian who edeavors to be a musician

16. Providing clothes, food, blankets and shoes to support children at each school

17. Maintaining facilities and purchasing furniture for schools

18. Providing medical treatment of all children

19. Providing financial support to various Lusaka families

20. Building and stocking a library

Please visit my Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter pages for day-by-day commentary on my Lusakla, Zambia mission experience. Without your financial support I would not have been able to participate in helping to bring resources to the Lusaka, Zambia community. Because of your support, I was able to do meaningful and impactful work.

Lastly, I have been asked about the possibility of returning to Lusaka to continue working for a longer term mission trip. I am prayerful about next steps, as I felt my music and work had visible, tangible purpose in Lusaka that I had not experienced before. I'll keep you posted. Thank you for the part you played in this experience.

Thanks again for your support. Your contribution is and was paramount to the sucess of this misison. To contribute to the ongoing work Meant 2 Live Foundation is doing in Lusaka, Zambia, please use this link to make donations.

Photo: ToyBox Studios DC