When I first heard Temika sing I said to myself, finally someone new has come to raise the musical bar. Temika possesses all the elements of a good singer - beautiful tone and phrasing, not to mention her ability to interpret a song.
— Will Downing, GRAMMY Nominated Recording Artist

Welcome to TemikaMoore.com. For over 20 years Temika Moore has been performing live and writing music with inspiring and empowering messages. Temika’s approach to live performances is the Keynote Concerts format which blends her original music with inspirational and motivational messages. Her stylistic approach to music is categorized as “Inspirational Soul. Inspirational Soul is organic,” Temika explains. “This music is built on the premise of vocal, instrumental, and lyrical freedom undergirded by spiritual truth. A self-proclaimed genre bender, Temika’s performances are unique reflections of the vastness of her musical pallete. Temika Moore can take you on a musical pilgrimage while telling stories of loss, faith, and triumph. Temika has performed and spoken at international events for schools, colleges, correctional institutions, associations, faith-based organizations, conferences, and more. She has released five music projects, and is passionate about advocating for artist equity. Temika Moore is an inspirational speaker, educator, singer, songwriter, cultural impact consultant, and arts advocate. Temika Moore is also the publishing and licensing administrator for Pink Panna Music Publishing; the home of Inspirational Soul Music. For information about how we collect, use and manage information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy.


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New Music

Listen to Temika Moore’s most recent project, "The Closet: Intimate Conversations."


Blog: Shining A Light With Pen And Mic

Officially launched on May 22, 2019 with a feature called “Daughters of Naomi” which focuses on restoring and preparing women for The Creator’s original design.

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Song Lyrics

Have you ever searched for the song lyrics to Temika Moore songs? Look no further. They are finally here.