You Must Be Healed Sexually: Part 4 - The Money Changers

In part one of this post, I describe a dream in which I heard the words “You must be healed sexually.” Initially, I thought this would only be a two-part post. However, I have continued to hear additional insights into the words of this dream. Daughters, here’s what I received to share with you.

Truth And Nothing But The Truth: Step 2

The washing process begins with confronting pain; confronting the original wound, the original hurt or the original disappointment. In this post, I explore the pathology of pain as the pathway for healing.

There Will Be Washing

Daughters, my sisters, I heard these words and felt it so strongly. There will be washing this season. You will not be able to walk as daughters of the King without first being washed in the raw unfiltered words, wisdom, knowledge, and insight of a holy God. To be washed is to become holy.