Drive Out The Ites!

There is a sacred, reserved space between man and woman. It becomes defiled when too many people have been allowed to enter this space. It somehow changes the spirit in the room. Our human bodies are a gift, and the spirit housed in said body is the gift of all gifts. When anyone outside of our mate and medical doctor sees our physical nakedness, the room suddenly becomes dark, very unsafe, threatening, noisy, and crowded. If you’ve allowed your sacred space to become crowded, how do you kick out everyone and everything that is taking up or has taken up precious space? How do you restore serenity, beauty, safety, complete trust, holiness, and true intimacy back to this space? Is it plausible that you can uninvite all who were previously invited and all those who weren’t invited in exchange for returning this sacred space back into a haven for only one person to enjoy for the rest of your lives? Can you find complete and utter satisfaction in creating an intimate space that no one, and I mean, absolutely no other being on this planet can infiltrate? 

Yes. I believe you can. I believe there is only one doctor who has the power to diagnose and heal what caused the space to become defiled in the first place. Because this being is a holy spirit, every precaution, prescription, and ounce of advice will be delivered from a holy place. It will not be contaminated by combining His cure with any other cures touted by witch doctors, merchants, fortune distributors, or dream dealers. This doctor always tells the truth clearly, succinctly, and slowly.  There won’t be any fine writing or fast talking in the advertisement that disclaims all the side affects of taking this cure. He’s a straight shooter whose words pierce straight through bone and marrow. He let’s you know upfront, there aren’t any quick fixes. But his recovery plan is assured. He makes all things new; including your sexuality. 

Wives, husbands, daughters, sons there is a way to drive out all of the “Ites.” The Ites are all the byproducts of every culture, place, and people with whom you’ve made treaties or covenants in any form, with foreigners, be it in thought, word, or action. Foreigners are defined as people who are not native to or born in your country. Treaties are agreements. Agreements of the mind, mouth, and body are treaties. To completely restore this sacred space you must break all treaties with foreign entities. Remove everything associated with these foreign people. Smash everything. Keep nothing. I mean nothing. Don’t keep any mementoes of any kind. These items have energy attached to them that you must clear out and remove. You must start over with an empty space. Keeping company with Ites affects every area of your life. This is why we are warned to not give our sons or daughters in marriage to these Ites because they will cause the sons and daughters to worship false gods. False is defined as not true. If something, someone, or some place is not true, then it’s a lie. God’s are defined as anything that is worshipped, or revered and for which one sacrifices. A god is anything for which you would exchange the truth. Beloved, please don’t exchange the truth to accept a lie. He, that is, the being we know as the creator is also named I AM/Jehovah/Yahweh. He is true and does not lie. He will show you how to drive out the Ites from your territory. Creating and maintaining peace, understanding, joy, wisdom, discernment, knowledge, transparency, honesty, health, and intimacy is your territory. Protect it with everything you have. Be willing to slay some things in order to protect your territory. Be willing to let some things die in order to protect your territory. This sacred space is one of the best gifts of the human experience. Identify the Ites in your space. Repair it. Restore it. Rebuild it. Protect it. Maintain it. Treat your sacred space like it is uncommon and irreplaceable. Because it is. 

And so shall it be.

About Temika Moore: Shining A Light With Pen And Mic

Temika Moore is an inspirational keynote concert speaker, educator, singer, songwriter, cultural impact consultant, and arts advocate. For over 20 years Temika Moore has been performing live and writing music with inspiring and empowering messages.